How to hire video production professionals for a video production job

The video production industry is undergoing a seismic shift, and the key to the transformation is hiring a dedicated video production production professional.That’s because most video productions nowadays rely on a small number of professionals to manage the entire production.┬áVideo production professionals are generally people who have a degree in video editing, editing and post-production, […]

Which Video Production Job Is The Best for You?

Video production is a great job for any career and for anyone who has ever done a job in the video production industry.Many of the most successful projects have been produced in video production.The video production job market is huge and can be an attractive career for anyone from the most junior to the most […]

‘Sudden’ changes are coming to the film industry as the nation braces for new taxes, rules

With the nation’s tax bill inching closer, more than a dozen companies and businesses are changing how they produce, distribute and market films, as the film business grapples with what might be called a “sudden” tax increase.The change, outlined in a draft of the tax bill being circulated by lawmakers, comes as the industry seeks […]