When you make coffee, what you need to know

Video production is the most important task in the production of quality content for digital and print media.It is not the only one but it is the one where the most attention is paid to, and is the single biggest factor determining the quality of the final product.With this in mind, the video production industry […]

Madison Video Production Hires Former YouTube Employee For New Job

Hollywood has a lot of talent in its video production ranks.Many of the big names are also working in the field today.But some of the talent that worked for YouTube have been laid off and the studio that hired them has gone under.One of those was Madison video producer and director, John Denton.On Monday, he […]

What I Did on ‘American Sniper’ video: Watch a new ‘American’ movie (with an actor from ‘The Hunger Games’!)

When I think about what it was like to watch ‘American Soldier,’ I remember it with the same intensity as when I remember watching ‘Django Unchained.’There are a lot of parallels between those two films, both of which are set in the Vietnam War.I remember the film’s title: The American Soldier.And I also remember how […]