A new beer made with real cow’s milk has been named one of the best beer beers of all time

A new Belgian beer, named after the cow’s mouth and its ability to generate milk, has been awarded the title of “Best Beer of All Time” by the International Beer Writers Association (IBWA).In addition to winning the accolade, The Bruery also became the first brewery in history to receive the prestigious IBWA Silver medal for […]

Madison Video Production Hires Former YouTube Employee For New Job

Hollywood has a lot of talent in its video production ranks.Many of the big names are also working in the field today.But some of the talent that worked for YouTube have been laid off and the studio that hired them has gone under.One of those was Madison video producer and director, John Denton.On Monday, he […]

Homax Products launches the first-ever video production software

The first ever video production system with a dedicated video production environment is Homax products.The product is the world’s first video production application, providing professional video editing and production.The software has been created with a single objective, which is to help the professional videographer and videographer to become a more professional videography and video producer.“We […]