When the Internet was a new concept: Why we created Reddit video production

Video production is a rapidly growing industry.As a result, it’s important to understand how the Internet came to be, and how it’s shaped the industry.And now, in the latest episode of The Storytellers Podcast, we’re looking at how this new and growing industry has shaped the culture of video production.The episode will focus on the […]

A group of filmmakers from around the world have created an educational video that celebrates the life and work of one of the greatest film-makers of all time.

article title This is the documentary that saved Jack and Jill’s family article article source ABC News (AU) title The Jacksonville Story: The Jack and Ruth Story, the film that saved their family article source Guardian (AU).article title Jacksonvillians celebrate the life of film-maker Jack and his wife Jill.article source The Independent article title A […]

Google’s video production software ‘Video production equipment’ has been ‘deactivated’ after being linked to a breach

Google’s YouTube video production and sharing platform has been deactivated following a security breach that researchers say is linked to video production equipment that was not connected to the company’s internal network.The breach has resulted in an increase in malware, which researchers say was used to access Google’s internal networks.The company told VentureBeat the malware […]