Why I Hate Chocolate Production Video: A Real World Example

When I saw the video of the chocolate production I was so disappointed.The chocolate production video I watched was not a good example of the beauty product video.I mean, how is that different from the beauty products they’re trying to promote?I’m sure they can make a good product and sell it to the masses, but […]

Why the Patriots should sign Brady

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is expected to announce Wednesday that he will not pursue a trade for quarterback Tom Brady as the NFL considers the New England football team’s next head coach.The decision comes after Brady and Kraft met with the Patriots last week in an attempt to determine a successor.Kraft said Thursday […]

How to film a live video production in Phoenix, Arizona

I had an incredible time doing my first live video video production.This was in 2012, when I was still a video production student.I was shooting a video for a local college band and I was in my car, listening to my iPod while my wife and son watched a live broadcast of the game at […]