Drone footage of a crash site shows how US troops used a remotely piloted drone

Drone footage from an unmanned UAV shows a military helicopter landing and the aftermath of a small plane crash on a remote military base in the Middle East, a new drone footage released by Google News shows.The drone footage, which was shot on June 14, 2016, shows a crash of a remote-controlled aircraft that killed […]

How to make your own video for a viral video

When I made my own video, I didn’t really expect it to be seen by anyone.I was actually quite shocked that people took the time to watch my video and take notes, and that they liked it.But it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster since then.It took a while for the video to catch on […]

When It Comes To Making Video, I Don’t Just Go By Production Style

Production style is an important element of the visual and audio experience.The best examples are cinematography, music, and audio.But the creative process is often much more than that.To help us understand how and why a particular process is successful, we asked experts to create a video production flow chart.Here’s how it works.How Does It Work?A […]