Why do cows die when they are put into vivisection?

A viviscaping company is offering to “dumb down” the dairy industry by using human beings in its trials, but not using them to make milk.Viva Dairy, based in Australia, has been producing milk and cheese for years.It has also made other products, including yogurt and ice cream.The company, which has an Australian distributor, says it […]

How to use chocolate in your next food project

Chocolate production is a tricky art, and it requires patience, skill and patience.But if you’re going to be cooking with it, make sure you know what you’re doing.Here’s what you need to know about chocolate and the ingredients you’ll need.How to use Chocolate in Your Next Food Project 1.Chocolate is Made from the same plant […]

Why I Hate Chocolate Production Video: A Real World Example

When I saw the video of the chocolate production I was so disappointed.The chocolate production video I watched was not a good example of the beauty product video.I mean, how is that different from the beauty products they’re trying to promote?I’m sure they can make a good product and sell it to the masses, but […]