How to create video from scratch, even if you don’t have an existing platform

Video production is a pretty new discipline.The field is still in its infancy, and a lot of the concepts are still in their infancy.However, with a lot more people starting to experiment with video, a lot can be learned.To make things easier for you, I’ve compiled a list of video production resources you might want […]

Which video production software is best for production and marketing?

The video production tools that are currently being used for production in the digital age can be confusing.It can be challenging to determine which is best, and even harder to determine what tools are appropriate for a specific project.As a result, the best tools are rarely as clear cut as one might expect.In this article, […]

A Pulsed-Vision Guide to The New Orleans Film Festival: 2016

New Orleans, LA—You’ve probably never been to New Orleans.You might even be a newcomer to the city, and you may not know a thing about it.You’ve heard of it, maybe, but maybe not as much as you should.But you can definitely be a fan, as this guide to the 2017 festival, produced by Pulse and […]