The video producers who are fighting back: The video of the man shot by police is now in the public domain

The video that captured the fatal shooting of a black man by police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is now available online for anyone to watch.

The video was recorded by a bystander who took a photo of the officer, James Boyd, who then turned and fired his weapon, striking him in the head, according to a police statement.

The officer’s body camera was not activated and police initially said he fired the shot in self-defense.

But hours later, the Tulsa Police Department said it had taken down the video and the officer was cleared of wrongdoing.

A local filmmaker named Michael O’Brien, who is a photographer, posted the video to his Instagram account on Wednesday and has since gotten a large number of comments from people who say it is disturbing, distressing and even dangerous.

The Tulsa police chief, who has been criticized for his handling of the investigation, released a statement saying he was reviewing the footage.

“I have been informed by a Tulsa Police Officer that the video captured in this incident does not accurately reflect the events of that evening,” Tulsa Police Chief Chuck Jordan wrote.

“The officer has been terminated pending an independent investigation.”

The Tulsa Police Union, which has endorsed the police chief for re-election, issued a statement expressing its concern about the video.

“It is unfortunate that we are unable to view the footage of the incident that was captured by an individual’s cellphone and the actions of the Tulsa PD that led to the shooting,” the union said in a statement.

“As we have said, we believe that the officer should be prosecuted and we hope that this video will be released to the public as soon as possible.”