Google’s video production software ‘Video production equipment’ has been ‘deactivated’ after being linked to a breach

Google’s YouTube video production and sharing platform has been deactivated following a security breach that researchers say is linked to video production equipment that was not connected to the company’s internal network.

The breach has resulted in an increase in malware, which researchers say was used to access Google’s internal networks.

The company told VentureBeat the malware was found in September, and it’s been removed.

“The security team is actively investigating and is taking steps to make sure this does not happen again,” a Google spokesperson told Venture Beat in a statement.

“Our teams are actively working to identify the root cause of the issue.”

Google’s video sharing platform was created back in 2006 to provide content creators and businesses the tools to share their videos on YouTube and other video platforms, as well as make other types of content available on YouTube.