Facebook, Apple face off in patent war

Facebook, the world’s largest social networking platform, and Apple, the smartphone maker, are facing off in a patent war that threatens to disrupt the way businesses and consumers interact with each other.

In a legal battle that could be the first in history, the two companies are fighting over the patents on the basic technology behind a technology called video, which Facebook says makes it possible for users to post videos on the platform without having to be connected to a camera.

The patent wars have become so heated that a court in Texas issued a ruling that could have huge implications for how Facebook operates.

Facebook says that in its patent application for the video-sharing technology, the company makes no reference to “camera,” nor does it describe any particular way in which the technology could be used.

The company’s patent application states that the technology “implements the present invention and is directed to provide a method of delivering a plurality of videos, which may be uploaded to a network or storage medium.”

Facebook’s patent describes the technology as a system and a method for “installing video onto a network.”

“This patent describes a method and system for creating and uploading video to a video sharing service,” Facebook wrote in its filing.

“The video is delivered via a method which involves sending a user-uploaded video to an IP address associated with the video sharing platform.

The video is uploaded to the network, and the network is configured to download the video, and distribute the video to the user-Uploaded Video Provider’s (USPV) subscribers.”

In its filing, Facebook also said that the “method and system is directed at providing an Internet platform for video sharing.”

The lawsuit is the latest legal battle between Facebook and Apple.

Last month, Apple sued Facebook, accusing the social network of using its patent to block the introduction of its iPhone app.

Facebook has denied the allegations.

Apple has said that in the past it would fight any legal action against it.

The tech giant has a history of suing other tech companies that use its technology, including Apple and Microsoft.

“We are deeply disappointed by Facebook’s actions, and we are reviewing the matter carefully,” a Facebook spokeswoman said in a statement.

While the legal battle is going on, Facebook is preparing to launch its own video-delivery service, called “Vevo.”

It says it has “substantial resources” and will begin work on the service in the first quarter of next year.