LA-based VFX house VFX House presents ‘Vox Machina’ premiere with ‘Bitter Beauty’ and ‘Love Letter’ video

VFXHouse, the LA-sourced VFX company, recently announced a new, full-length documentary about their work that will premiere at the VFX Awards in 2019.

The film, titled Vox Machina, will explore the world of digital animation, and the unique challenges and challenges of making digital characters and worlds.

It will be presented at the Cannes Film Festival, and is produced by VFXhouse and The Boon Factory.

“This is the first film to focus on the creative process and the art of creating digital characters in virtual environments, with the focus on our own work,” VFXhall’s co-founder and chief creative officer, Matti Lehtinen, said in a press release.

“It will be a look at the creative processes behind VFX and VR, and how it’s all connected, as well as the industry and the world at large.

Our goal is to share the story of VFX production in a way that will give filmmakers and viewers an understanding of the work that goes into making such amazing, creative works.”

The film will be available to stream on VFXhouses website for free through its YouTube channel, as VFX Houses has been a part of the YouTube platform for some time, and its videos are currently available for free, but can be watched for free on any device.

Lehtinen also shared that the film will include some new interviews with some of the V, FX and VR artists who have worked on the film.

The film also includes a number of Vfxhouse veterans, including editor and co-producer Jelani S. Baroque, aswell as co-director and creative director, Adam S. Goldsberry.VFXhouse is also working on a documentary called VFX: The Art of Making Movies, which will be released in 2019 and feature interviews with the likes of David Koechner, David Krieg, Michael Abrash, Tom Stoppard, and more.