Mars video productions to make video for the 2018 Rio Olympics

Mars video production will produce a video for next year’s Rio Olympics in Russia.

The company, which also works for the United States, Brazil and China, has a contract to make more than 50,000 videos for the games.

Mars video productions is a subsidiary of French video production company, RCA.

The video will be shown at the Rio Games, and Mars’ director, James Sibbald, said he was looking forward to working with Rio organizers.

“I think it’s great to work with them and see what they’ve got planned and then to bring that to people in other countries,” Sibberald said.

“I think the videos will be of some use to people, I think they’re really going to be really useful for the athletes and spectators.”

Sibbalk said the videos would show athletes and staff how to safely conduct themselves in the arena and how to make a positive impact.