Billodeau says ‘we have an incredible opportunity’ to make video productions for TV and radio

The Australian film producer and broadcaster Billodeaux says he has an incredible chance to bring “very high quality” video production to the Australian television and radio landscape.

“I think it’s an opportunity to make high quality video,” Mr Billodeaus said.

“There are so many things we need to do to get that right, but I think that’s a good opportunity for us.”

Mr Billodeas said he has been working on a series of projects for the past year, including a series about the “biggest threat” facing Australia.

The series, which will be broadcast on ABC2, will explore the “complex issues of globalisation, globalisation of the economy, and the way in which the economy works in Australia and how that is shaped by the global marketplace.”

“This is a very unique and exciting time,” Mr Mr Billoding said.

He said the series would take place over three-and-a-half months and would look at the role of “big data”, digital video production and production design.

In the meantime, Mr Billodes business will continue to grow, with his new film, “We Can” to premiere this week.

Billodeaux said he hopes the series will help viewers understand what “good” video is.

Mr Bodeaux is a prolific producer, but he said he had a very limited budget to make “good quality” content.

“My goal is to do things I don’t think anyone else is doing,” Mr Bodeaus told

With an Australian salary of $140,000 a year, he said it was hard to make his films with a budget of $40,000.

As well as making the films, Mr Badeaus also runs the production company, Bodeau Productions.

Bodeau’s latest project, “The Bigger Picture”, will follow the lives of six young Australians who come to New Zealand for a five-day film festival.

It was a dream for the six young people, and Mr Baveau hopes it will inspire people to go out and explore.

But for now, Mr Benecau says he will continue “doing the same thing that I’ve been doing since I was a kid”.

“I’m very excited about the project because it’s about what we do and I’m very interested in seeing what other people do with it,” Mr Benechau said.

“But I’m also very interested to see how it works and what it does and the audience gets out of it.”

He has been contacted by the ABC about a potential return to the television screen.

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