Google, YouTube launch ‘lean production’ video production software

Google is rolling out an online production platform that lets you “lean production” for videos.

The feature, dubbed “Lean Production,” lets users “start, edit, and share their video content” in just a few clicks.

The software will also let you “produce videos that are optimized for your platform” and be able to “create and share more personalized videos.”

The Google-owned video-sharing platform also lets you create and share “more customized” videos.

In addition, the software will “provide you with the ability to create your own videos, including custom videos that have been created by third-party partners and/or partners who have access to the same resources and tools you use.”

This feature is similar to the feature that the YouTube team announced last year that would let users create and publish video content for their YouTube channels.

Google has yet to announce how many videos the new program will allow.

The feature will also be “available to anyone who has a Google Account.”

This includes YouTube creators, channel owners, and subscribers who have a Google account, according to the Google Product Marketing team.

YouTube has a built-in platform for producing videos, but the platform is “designed for video creators to create videos on their own time, and they will be able use YouTube’s tools to edit and share content.

They will also have access a Google Cloud Platform that can deliver the best quality videos to viewers.”

As of now, this feature is not available to users on the Google Home, the Google TV, the Nexus Player, and the Pixel C. It’s also not available for the Google Play Store.

In fact, YouTube says it’s working on bringing this feature to Google TV and Chromecast.