Why is the media crying foul over a video that shows a police officer kicking a handcuffed prisoner?

The Associated Press reports that a video from Louisiana shows an officer kicking an unarmed man to the ground after arresting him for failing to stop while he was handcuffed.

The AP says the officer’s actions were “apparent and undisputed” because the man’s face is not shown.

Louisiana State Police say the video is “slanderous” and is a “false accusation.”

They say the officer was trying to arrest the man for a traffic violation.

A Louisiana State University video says the man was arrested for resisting arrest and was kicked and punched by the officer, who has been placed on paid administrative leave.

The video was filmed in March 2016 and released by the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, but has not been released publicly.

The man in the video has been identified as 18-year-old Jonathan Brown.

Brown is the son of Jonathan Brown, a prominent civil rights activist who was killed in a shooting in 2015.

He was later found guilty of first-degree murder in that case.

Louisiana’s attorney general’s office says it is investigating the officer-involved shooting.

In a statement, the office says Brown was not handcuffed and there was no physical altercation.

“As the video shows, this is a complete and utter misunderstanding of how law enforcement officers interact with the public and how the public should treat law enforcement,” said attorney General J.B. Van Hollen in a statement.

“The officer involved in this incident acted in a professional manner, and the video clearly shows that the officer did nothing wrong.”

The video of the incident went viral and quickly gained attention, with more than 100,000 people tuning in to watch the video.

Brown was charged with resisting arrest, resisting and obstructing a public servant, according to the Associated Press.

The attorney general says the incident happened after the officer tried to pull Brown over on Interstate 10 near Baton Rouge.

“After a brief pursuit, the officer saw that Brown was driving erratically,” Van Hollens office said in a release.

“He attempted to pull the driver over and the driver refused to comply with the officer�s commands to stop.

Police say Brown resisted arrest by kicking at his legs and face and by attempting to grab a Tazer. “

At this time, the driver became unresponsive and officers applied a Taser on Brown.”

Police say Brown resisted arrest by kicking at his legs and face and by attempting to grab a Tazer.

An officer who was in the area witnessed the incident, and he was called to the scene.

The officer who shot Brown, identified by the AP as Ronald Johnson, told the AP that he feared for his life and feared for the safety of his partner and his fellow officers.

“I am deeply saddened that an innocent man was killed, and I am devastated that I must confront this matter in the courtroom today,” Johnson said.

“We all need to be accountable for the actions of our law enforcement, and that includes our police officers.”

The AP reported that a civil rights group filed a lawsuit Wednesday against the Louisiana State police and the city of Baton Rouge for the death of Brown.

The group, Louisianaans for Justice, says the video released by Louisiana State is false.

The organization’s president, Al Sharpton, said the video “shows a blatant disregard for the dignity of a man who has not committed a crime, who was not resisting arrest.”

Sharpton said the incident should be investigated by an independent prosecutor.

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