Which TV shows have had the most episodes produced?

This list looks at the total number of episodes produced by the major broadcast TV networks over the course of a year.

It also looks at how many of these episodes have been on broadcast television and how many have been produced in the studio.

The numbers for 2016 are up from the previous year, but it is down slightly from 2015.

This year is a big year for all of the major TV shows, so the most recent figures are a good indication of how many episodes were produced.

Here are the top 10 series with the most episode-produced episodes, with the numbers in brackets.

The top 10 shows in total production episodes: 1.

House of Cards, 622,917 2.

American Horror Story, 542,879 3.

The Big Bang Theory, 531,539 4.

NCIS, 540,858 5.

Masterchef Junior, 540 5.

The Voice, 534,902 6.

American Crime Story, 529,847 7.

The Good Wife, 526,843 8.

NCMEC, 523,942 9.

Criminal Minds, 522,862 10.

NCPD, 521,941 Source: BBC News article TV production numbers are down, but so are the number of shows.

It has been a tough year for television production.

TV production has been down from a peak in 2015 and 2016.

However, in 2017 the production of all shows has gone up again, as more episodes were added to the series.

The reason for this increase is that the number production was down compared to the same period last year.

In 2016, the most production episodes were broadcast on TV, but this year we have seen a slight rise in production of the series, as many episodes have already been broadcast on broadcast.

The number of production episodes this year has gone down by 3,974 to 1,732.

This is the second consecutive year that the production numbers have been down this year.

The first year was the year of the big season, in which production numbers went up.

In 2017 production numbers fell because the seasons of major dramas and shows such as NCIS: Los Angeles, Criminal Mind, and NCIS New Orleans, as well as some series such as House of Lies, have all been cancelled.

TV series such in Criminal Mind and NCPD have also been cancelled, as have many other major series.

There were also a lot of cancelled shows this year, including The Good Fight, The Good Doctor, and American Horror, and many other series that have not aired on broadcast TV.

However it is clear that production numbers did not fall this year as the production in the show business has been very strong, with over 6.2 million episodes produced.