How to set up your own video production camera for video weddings

Video production equipment is not only essential to any wedding ceremony, but it is also a necessity for many types of weddings.

We are going to explore the best ways to set this up and show you how to achieve it.

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Video production equipment can be used to: • Create a professional look for your wedding event.

• Provide the best possible visual effect in a short time frame.

• Add a little personality to your wedding party.• Increase the atmosphere and bring the event to life.

Video camera accessoriesFor the video production studio, we recommend the following:• A camera tripod (available at most video production stores)• A handheld video camera (available in different types of sizes, from medium to large)• a high-speed camera (like a GoPro or an iPhone 5 or 5s)• or an advanced digital camera like a Canon PowerShot G11 or a Panasonic GH4.

The following video production items can also be used for weddings.• A video camera for live-action (like the one we are using for this tutorial)• Video production video equipment• A remote video production cam (for using remote video on the wedding)• An audio production video camera that is a part of a wedding party• A high-definition video production video cam (like Panasonic GH5)• and a video production stage light source for a wedding.• Some video production accessories for weddings can be bought separately or as part of the wedding package.

For example, some of the most popular wedding lighting accessories are:• High-quality light stands (like Lumiere or Cinevide)• LED lighting stands for the wedding• Low-cost light stands• LED lights for the event• LED-based lighting for the ceremony• A DJ booth and audio mixersFor weddings, you can buy the following wedding lighting supplies for weddings:• LED lanterns (lighter and more compact than a regular lantern)• lighting stands• lights and lamps• lightsets• candles• a candle holder or lantern standFor weddings that require a more traditional lighting setup, you should buy:• high-quality, high-efficiency lighting stands (for a full-color lighting setup)• low-cost, high efficiency lighting stands, or a candle stand for your lighting setup (for an all-in-one setup)The following is a list of the accessories that can be purchased for a video studio for weddings, with additional accessories recommended for specific types of wedding events.• Digital video production cameras for weddings and other types of events• lighting fixtures (like torches)• lights• lighting stand holders (like candles)• an audio mixer for a DJ booth, mixer for live performances, DJ booth speakers, or microphones for live music• a mixer for weddings that have sound-only sessions• a DJ soundproof booth or speakers• an assistant mixer for music recording• lighting tools for weddings (for lighting a special spot in your home or wedding venue)• digital audio mixing and mastering equipment for wedding parties• audio mixer stands for weddings or events (for mixing and mastering your music)• audio mixing stands for live events• a soundproof microphone for live entertainment• audio recorders for weddings• a microphone for recording live music in your studio• a mixing console for live parties• digital microphones (for recording vocals, guitars, or other instruments)• microphones for recording studio performances• microphones (or microphones) for recording audio sessions• microphones to record live music for your recording studio or studio performancesFor video production lighting setups, we suggest purchasing:• a studio soundproofing stand (like StudioSound)• studio microphone stands (loud and clear)• soundproofed microphones (like studio microphones)• high quality microphones• high performance microphones• an office soundproof desk (like ProSoundDesk)• professional soundproof soundproof booths (like Audio Lab)• office sound proof desks (for offices)• recording equipment for weddings(for recording audio tracks in your office or home)• video production light sources for weddingsAnd the best way to use this list of equipment for video production wedding lighting is to buy it all together.

You can buy everything in this article or by individual items from the list above.

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