Lebanon video production agency loses video production contract

Lebanese video production company LEAD produces short, commercial films that aim to break down barriers between audiences and news sources.

LEAD’s recent contract to work with Lebanese news channel Al-Baraa, which was first announced on February 13, was terminated on January 25.

The news agency announced that the Lebanese production company had hired an outside production company to handle the Lebanese-language rights.

The new company, which the news agency does not name, will handle rights for international rights.

Al-Baaras Lebanese-Language Rights Department (BLAD) said in a statement on January 26 that LEAD is no longer a member of the BLAD, the Lebanese news agency.

In a statement, the BLad said that it has “concerns” about LEAD and the news company that LEADDO is a part of, and is considering legal action.

In its statement, BLAD said that “there are concerns that the [LEAD] management team may have breached the BLM-TV Production Code of Ethics, as well as the Code of Professional Conduct.”

BLAD added that LEADS Lebanese-Lebanese production company was contracted to produce short commercial films, but has not yet produced a short film.

LEADS is one of a handful of Lebanese news outlets that have contracted with Al-Be’ath TV, a Lebanese TV channel based in Lebanon, to produce their news content.

Al Be’ath also has a local news division.

The BLAD news agency said that the BLADE has also lost its contract with LEAD, as the company “has not fulfilled its obligations as a member to the BLAMB, which has been a member since 2016.”

The news organization did not specify the reason for the termination.

LEADDA said that LEAPER will resume its work on a Lebanese news project and that “it will resume producing news and entertainment content in Lebanese.”

A spokesperson for Al Be’ta’ath said in an email to The Jerusalem Report that the news channel had not yet heard of the termination and was not yet aware of the reasons for it.

In April 2016, Lebanese news outlet Al-Masriya announced that it had signed a contract with BLAD to produce its news content in Lebanon.

According to Al Masriya, BLADD will handle the BLA video production rights for Lebanon.

The Al Masrouria said that BLADD is a member-owned company.

The channel said in its statement that BLAD is an independent production company and that the company has “been an active member of Al-Arabiya since 2016.

The agreement between the two parties was finalized in 2016 and is subject to the approval of the Lebanese Parliament.”

BLADD’s Lebanese-Arab News Network, which is also part of the Al-Marwa group, has also not yet released any news content about the termination of the contract with Al Be’sa.

The outlet’s statement said that a statement had been released on January 20 by the Lebanese government.

“We are very disappointed by the news,” it said.

“The news of the decision to terminate the BLADD-BLAD partnership is a big blow for Lebanon and its news media.

Lebanon has a long history of producing news in the Lebanese media and its state-owned news outlets.

The government and the media have been under a severe attack in recent years due to the conflict in Syria and its political situation.

We hope that the situation will be sorted out in the coming days.”

In 2016, Lebanon was embroiled in a bitter war with Syria, in which the Lebanese army fought on the side of the Syrian government, while the Syrian regime carried out attacks against rebel groups.

The conflict ended in the end of 2016, when a ceasefire took effect in Syria.

Lebanese President Michel Aoun appointed the new minister of communications and information on January 27, 2018.

The appointment was announced on January 24, and was made public on January 29.

Al Masria news agency reported on January 30 that Aoun had appointed a deputy minister of media and information to lead the Lebanese Ministry of Information.

The Ministry of Communications and Information does not have a formal name.

Al Aweer News Agency, a subsidiary of Al Masraya, also reported on the appointment of Aoun to the post.

The Aweers website reported that Aouine, a member in the House of Representatives, will be the minister of information and information, the ministry’s official name.

The announcement of Aouin’s appointment came after the Ministry of Communication and Information had announced in August 2017 that it was appointing Aoun as the head of the ministry.

In November 2017, Lebanon launched an investigation into the possible ties between Lebanese businessmen and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government.

The investigation was launched after an article published by Lebanese newspaper Al Manar in December 2017 said that Lebanese businessman and former foreign minister Saad Hariri had met with Syrian President Assad in