The Silks’ Bluebird Video Production Lab

Posted October 13, 2018 11:57:53Bluebird Video Productions, a Minneapolis video production studio founded by video producer Jason “Bud” Schoenfeld, has teamed up with Silks Productions to create a new kind of studio: the Bluebird Production Lab.

It’s designed to make video productions on mobile devices, while still allowing for the same kind of creative freedom that came with its desktop video production capabilities.

Bluebird’s new video production platform combines video production tools like Premiere Pro and Logic Pro with video editing and animation tools like Photoshop.

Bluebird’s video production suite includes the most popular video editing software, Logic Pro CC and Premiere Pro X, as well as the software’s own Premiere Pro Cloud, which allows users to share and collaborate with the team.

The studio also offers a number of video editing apps, such as After Effects, After Effects CC, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and the popular After Effects Pro Tools, among others.

Bluebirds new software is designed to be used as a video editor, and it can be used with any video editing application that supports Adobe Premiere, Premiere Pro, or Final Cut.

The software has been designed with a focus on speed and flexibility, and can even be used for the production of digital films, which means it can make quick edits for editing on any device.

The Bluebird video production toolset includes an array of tools, including the ability to export a film or film project as a single file, create a single layer, and add multiple layers.

There are also editing templates for all kinds of workflows and video types, like film, still photography, or music videos.

The video editor also has a number more editing tools to choose from, including filters, noise reduction, and compression.

Bluebirds video editor will also have support for Adobe Premiere CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, After Effect CC, Premiere Core CC, Cinema 4D CC, X-Fi Video Editor, and more.

BlueBird’s video editing suite also includes a number creative video features, such in-house video editing, a full-length feature that allows the studio to work in the same way you would work in any editing software suite, as long as you’re on the same network, and also a full suite of features for creating and sharing clips.

The company has also partnered with digital cinema and video production company Bluebird Digital to offer a variety of video and video editor features.

Blue Bird’s new software comes with some great benefits for those who are trying to create high-quality content on mobile and desktop, but the studio also plans to offer some free video editing tools that will allow people to make their videos more interactive and visually interesting.

For example, Bluebird has added a new feature that lets you edit in-progress clips, which will be added to a project as it’s completed.

You can then export your work to the studio’s Dropbox account for offline viewing or uploading to the BlueBird Cloud.

Another great feature is the ability for Bluebird to create video content that is completely customizable for any device, including Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Windows machines.

BlueBird’s new technology is not the first time that Bluebird is adding features to its video production workflow.

The Bluebird production team has also added support for video editing in Final Cut CC and Adobe Premiere Studio CC, while the Blue Bird Video Studio team has already added support to Adobe Premiere Elements CC, for those with other video editing systems.

Blue Bird also plans on adding a number video editing features to the software for the first version, which is slated to be released in 2019.

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