‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ stars, director share stories of making it in Hollywood

The cast and crew of Unbreakable Kama Sutra, a comedy about the rise and fall of Kimmy and Kimmy’s sister, shared their stories of navigating Hollywood, from their first film, to the big breaks they got and the hardships they faced.

The film opens Friday at the Sundance Film Festival.

Check out the 10-minute video below, then read on for their interviews.

The film was shot with the help of an editor, a director, a producer, a writer and a cinematographer.

Kimmy, who plays the part of Kim, is a shy, talented writer and writer-director.

In one scene, Kim shows her mother, a young aspiring actress, a sketch of a movie she’s worked on and she says, “You’ll never be able to make a movie like that,” referencing the movie’s plot.

The sisters, played by Amy Schumer and Kate McKinnon, meet in their small Brooklyn apartment after a breakup.

Kim’s a reporter who is in search of an internship, but is also struggling to find her identity as a writer.

She gets her first taste of fame when she starts working at a prestigious magazine, where she meets and works with a director.

Kimmy’s first film was called The Big Break, and it’s about a woman who’s been broke her entire life and doesn’t know how to start a family, Kimmy told Business Insider.

Her first big break was when she got her first job in film, at the age of 19.

Her second big break came when she became a director and director-producer, a role she has since held for four years.

She is still a writer-directing assistant, but now has a full-time job.

Kim’s sister Kimmy Schumer (Kate McKinnon) and Kim in Unbreakables film.

Kim in the film.

Kim said she and her brother worked together for years, but her brother had other plans for the rest of their lives.

Kim said that at one point, they moved to New York City because Kim wanted to pursue her own career.

They moved to the Upper West Side, but they didn’t have the money to buy a house, she said.

They both struggled, Kim said, because they both struggled to find their place in the world.

After their first movie, Kim was so tired of it, she told Business Insiders, that she left school to move to LA.

Her brother was not as supportive of that decision, she added.

They eventually got together and decided to take their story to the screen.

The pair wrote and directed their first two movies, which they had to make with help from the editor and a producer.

They didn’t even know what they were going to do with the first film until they made it.

Kim recalled a scene in which she wrote a scene for a young girl, who was a director herself and had done her first film.

When Kim met with her, she was shocked that the director was a woman.

She was surprised that she had a girl directing her.

She told BusinessInsiders, “I felt like she was looking for a woman to work with and to give advice on a project.”

She also recalled how she and the director got to the point where they had a script and were able to come up with a script.

They had to go to a meeting and decide how much of the script was going to be based on what was happening in the movie, and what was not.

It took them a while to figure out what was going on.

They decided to do a lot of character work, which was kind of their thing, but it wasn’t necessarily their thing.

The director said that she liked that Kim was “just one of us” in the story, and that they were able at the time to write it and get it done.

Kim explained, “We were just looking at our lives, and I think our first big scene in the script where I was trying to do this story and not have it feel like I was making an act, or not doing any kind of narrative, was a scene where the two of us are like, ‘We’re not really doing any narrative, but we’re just trying to find a way to express our feelings in this character.'”

The director, who Kim called a “realist,” said, “It was the first time we were writing in a narrative fashion, and we didn’t really know what we were doing.”

Kim said that her brother has also been in a similar situation, where he was a writer who wanted to be a director in order to do more work.

He also had a similar experience, which he said made it hard for him to come to terms with how to act and how to write.

Kim explained, “‘It’s a long journey to get there.’

He said, ‘Well, if you’re not going to get here, you’re going