How to make your own videos using a smartphone and a GoPro camera

How to do it: Create a YouTube video using a GoPro and a smartphone.

With a bit of knowledge, it’s really simple.

The basic concept is pretty simple.

A GoPro camera is basically a tiny camera with a lens.

With it, you can take pictures, videos, and share them with the world.

It can be used for capturing video, capturing videos, capturing photos, and capturing photos of stuff.

The GoPro camera, though, has an array of different functions that are not necessarily related to the main function of the GoPro camera.

For example, the GoPro is great for capturing photos.

In the same way, the main GoPro function is capturing video.

But a GoPro can be just as good at capturing videos and photos as it is for capturing pictures.

The first thing to know about creating a YouTube-style video is that it has to be created from a smartphone, like the iPhone or the iPad.

So if you don’t have one, or you don