The video production company behind the #BoysRUs campaign to change the way Australian men are depicted in video is in trouble

Posted September 16, 2018 18:33:55The #BysRUs video production firm is in the process of being sold to a Chinese company after more than a decade of producing video content for men.

The Melbourne-based company, BysRU, which specialises in creating video content specifically for men, is due to close its doors in October.

It is believed to be the first Australian company to go private since the introduction of the Digital Media Distribution (DMD) law in April 2018.

In 2017, BYSRU produced more than 100,000 hours of video content, including the popular #BYSRUs men’s soccer tournament, #BatsMansBets and #BTSBets.

In 2018, it produced more, according to the company’s website, than any other Australian video production team.

It is understood that the sale of the company is part of a broader plan to sell off the company in a bid to focus on its core business.

BysrU’s website describes the company as a global digital media and video production organisation.

“We provide our team of professional video editors, videographers, compositors and video producers with the tools to create quality and creative content for our clients,” the website reads.

A statement from the company says it “has grown into one of the leading Australian video producers, and has produced a huge amount of video and audio content for clients around the world”.

It adds: “With the rise of digital platforms, the video industry is experiencing a huge influx of talent and resources, and with the DMD law in place, we are looking to take our production and marketing skills from where they are now, and to use them to make the world a better place.”

While BysrUs has been a staple in the Melbourne-area scene, the company has recently taken to the streets to promote the #MenRUs movement.

The #MenSV campaign, which began in late June with the hashtag #BillsVets, aims to make more men seen in the media and to raise awareness of men’s issues.

A number of events were held throughout Melbourne on Tuesday, including an outdoor rally in the CBD.

Many men’s groups, including #BylawsMen, are involved in the campaign.

“The Bysrs have been part of the Melbourne scene for a number of years, but they’ve never been involved in a public campaign like this, and we’re really excited to see this campaign happen,” said Bylaws Men leader Luke Risbey.

Men’s rights activist Paul McHugh said the campaign was an “opportunity for them to do what they do best: make money”.

“The media, especially the media that’s funded by men’s rights organisations, have been pretty clear that the only way to change that is by taking on the media.

The men’s movement is an opportunity for them, and they should take advantage of it,” he said.

Melbourne man Sam Giddens has been involved with the #ManRUs cause for over 20 years.

He said the media coverage was important but the campaign needed more attention.

“I think it’s just great that they’re using it to help change the world,” he told

“It’s about time that we started using the media to help us change the media.”

A spokesman for Bysruus, which is based in Melbourne, said the company was “in the process” of selling the business.

Bysruuses website states the company “provides our video editors and videographers with the necessary skills to create content that our clients can use to build an impressive and highly entertaining video experience”.

Bylaysmen said the sale was the “largest sale of its kind in the history of the business”.

The statement said the group was committed to “the highest ethical standards in our business”.

The group has a global network of approximately 500 staff and employs around 300 people worldwide.

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