Drone footage of a crash site shows how US troops used a remotely piloted drone

Drone footage from an unmanned UAV shows a military helicopter landing and the aftermath of a small plane crash on a remote military base in the Middle East, a new drone footage released by Google News shows.

The drone footage, which was shot on June 14, 2016, shows a crash of a remote-controlled aircraft that killed all three crew members.

It was shot by a drone belonging to the US Army’s 1st Airborne Division, according to a Google News article.

The video, which has not been released publicly, was obtained by the New York Times and is titled “Boeing 737-800 crash site video from an UAV.”

It shows a single black plane crash site with debris and a small vehicle parked at the crash site.

The footage shows a white UAV flying the UAV, which flies at a very high altitude.

The aircraft lands at the remote base in southern Syria, which is about a mile from the Jordanian border.

The Army reported the crash to the Civilian Investigation Command (CIC) of the US military, which in turn informed the FAA, according the article.

It is not known whether the US Air Force, Navy or Marine Corps were involved in the crash.

The FAA is investigating the crash and has yet to comment on the footage.

The US Army has yet not released any official statements on the crash, according an article by the Associated Press.

A spokesperson for the US State Department confirmed the crash happened on June 13 and that “a total of seven people were killed.”

According to the article, the US Navy was notified on June 16, but did not inform the FAA until July 1.

The CIC is responsible for investigating all accidents at military installations.

The crash also happened to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the United States’ invasion of the Philippines.

The incident occurred as Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte and his Philippine counterpart, Benigno Aquino III, were celebrating the victory of the Philippine Liberation Army (PLAA) over the Marcos regime in the war on drugs in the country.

The military was reportedly responsible for the crash on the same day.

The plane crash occurred at a military base, not a military installation, according Google News.

The area of the crash is not visible in the video.

The Air Force is responsible to investigate and release a report on the accident.

Google News reported that the drone was used to record a crash scene and that the FAA has not provided any information regarding the location of the crashed aircraft.