Jacksonville Video Production Company’s Video Production Job Open Gets a Boost With Trump Visit


— Jacksonville-based video production company video production site Fresno has found itself in a hot spot, after a video of President Donald Trump’s visit to the company’s production facility went viral on social media.

“It’s a very tough situation,” Fresno Vice President of Marketing and Marketing Communications Brian McPherson said.

The company, which has produced videos for the Trump administration, was among the video production companies hit by a rash of social media posts over the weekend that featured images of Trump holding up a sign saying “America First.”

“When the president and other leaders came to Fresno, the media was asking us to make a video that we would never make again,” Fresnos McPhersons Vice President for Global Communications and Marketing, Kristin Linneman, said.

“We wanted to make sure that everyone knew that we were going to be doing video production of President Trump’s speech.”

Fresno says it’s working with the White House on the production and will have a production video for the event soon.

Fresno Vice president of Global Communications & Marketing, Kristen Linnemans, says the company will have production video of the speech in the near future.

Fresno McPhea, a Los Angeles-based production company that has worked with Trump in the past, has had to lay off staff due to the tweets, including a number of staff members who had been hired by Fresno as its production company.

The company is working on hiring a new production assistant, McPheller said.

Fresnos McPhereens website is also down.

It is unclear why the company is struggling.

Fresnoso is one of a handful of video production firms to have gone into a recession during Trump’s presidency.

It is also one of only two firms to not make a profit in 2017, according to FactSet.