When a video producer gets an award…

Video producers in colleges and universities are not just earning awards, they are getting recognition.

A new documentary by Chris Stair shows the rise of video production awards.

Stair, a video production graduate who was awarded the 2016 James Beard Foundation Award for Best Documentary Short, is one of the producers featured in the documentary.

Strayer says video production has been around since the 1970s.

He said it was a great way to introduce students to filmmaking and a way to develop their skills.

The first video production award was given to Strayer in 1997.

Since then, more than 100 award winners have been recognized, according to Stair.

He also points out that it is not uncommon for video producers to win awards at their schools.

For example, he said the award he received at University of Texas at Austin in 2003 for his work on the Texas Tech University campus film was presented by the Austin College of Film & Television.

The film, The Texas Tech Mystery, won an Oscar for Best Film Editing.

Starry said he was not surprised to see such a wide variety of award winners at his school.

It is important to know that these awards are given for the work done by the entire school, he says.