A Pulsed-Vision Guide to The New Orleans Film Festival: 2016

New Orleans, LA—You’ve probably never been to New Orleans.

You might even be a newcomer to the city, and you may not know a thing about it.

You’ve heard of it, maybe, but maybe not as much as you should.

But you can definitely be a fan, as this guide to the 2017 festival, produced by Pulse and Wicked Video Productions, will teach you about the city and its films, as well as the people and events that make it unique.

You’ll also learn about the film festival itself, which has become a major event in the city in recent years, thanks to films that have been released in the past few years, and the festival itself.

“The New Orleans film festival is a celebration of New Orleans cinema, and that’s why we wanted to create this guide,” said Pulse President and CEO Dan Pappas.

“New Orleans is one of the most vibrant and interesting parts of the country, and we want people to know that when they visit New Orleans they can come and enjoy the history and culture that’s on display.”

You can watch the complete guide below.

“What makes the festival different is the sheer diversity of the films we see,” said Wicked Video President and VP of Marketing and Marketing Jon M. Lecce.

“We love to show filmmakers the films that we love, but also to show our film students how to see films that are different from what they see at other festivals.”

You’ll see the following films screened in New Orleans: The Big Sick (2017) by Jodie Foster (starring Natalie Portman), The Wedding Singer (2017), by Robert Duvall (starrer David Ayer), and The House on the Rock (2017).

You’ll be amazed at the breadth of films that made the cut, and by the diversity of directors who have been in the business for a long time.

“It’s like being in the backseat of a car,” said LecCE.

“When you see all these different types of films, you realize how unique New Orleans is.

This guide helps filmmakers make sense of that and make informed decisions.

It’s a great way to learn about a city, a film festival, and a festival that is just starting to take off.”

The complete guide can be found on Pulse’s website, but the following links are also helpful: *See the full list of films from this year, including their titles and dates.* *Find out which films are coming to theaters in the coming weeks.* *Learn about the festival’s theme: “All The Things That Make Us Great.”* *Learn more about the 2017 New Orleans Cinema Festival, which is currently on-going.

* *Get tips and information on getting to the festival, as part of the festival website’s new free event calendar.

*Follow Pulse’s sister festival, the Film Institute of America, which will be running its own film-centric events in 2017, and other festivals throughout the year.

*Learn how to get to the Film Festival website in your local language.

*Enjoy the films and learn more about film in the New Orleans area through a series of screenings at the New Orleanians Film Festival, in addition to a number of free screenings at New Orleans theaters.

*Find local filmmakers participating in the festival.

*For additional festival-related content, visit the festival web site.

*You can follow Pulse on Twitter at @pulsefilm, on Facebook at Pulse Film, or sign up for the Pulse newsletter.

The 2018 New Orleans Cinemas Festival will be held May 14-18, 2019 at the Loyola University New Orleans Campus.

More information is available at the festival site.

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