Why I’m leaving the tech world and moving to film and television

I’m heading to film, TV and television production in 2019, according to my new manager.

“The business is going to change in a big way,” he says.

In addition to a significant increase in my workload, the film and TV industry is going through a massive upheaval, says Jason Lister, who co-founded and runs Lister Films in 2017.

Lister says he’s optimistic that there will be opportunities for young people in film and tv to make films, and that many of them have the potential to break into Hollywood.

He has seen that the industry’s biggest challenges are in the digital space, with a new generation of film and video editors and producers having access to more digital resources.

Listers recent projects include “The Boy” starring Matthew McConaughey and “Titanic” starring Nicole Kidman.

Likens the new industry as a great opportunity to “build your skills, build your portfolio, and make your mark on the industry.”

Lister is excited to have my team on board, but there are also some hurdles in the way.

He says he feels like he has a lot of work to do before he gets to the production stages.

Liskers first projects include a documentary on the life and career of Dr. Benjamin Spock, and a pilot for a TV show.

The film will explore the life of the science officer who was the first man to walk on the moon, Lister explains.

Litchfield’s new film, “A Night on the Town,” tells the story of a couple who move to the town of Litchfields after their home is burned down in a fire.

They decide to stay and live out their days in the town, where they can watch movies and play cards and hang out with friends.

The documentary will premiere at the Sundance Film Festival on January 20.

The Litchfords have a lot riding on this project, but they’re excited about it and feel it’s something that they can be proud of, Likers director, Adam Litchford, says in a statement.

The couple plans to continue to work together with their new film producer, Scott Horsley, who they say will help with the marketing and distribution.

They hope to make a film of the LitchFords home.

“I think this is going be a great place to start our family,” Litchwells mother says in the film.

“It will give them the chance to start their own career and start a family.”