Pittsburgh: ‘The Best of Pitts’ ‘The Most Important Person in the World’

PITTsburgh is back with the best of the best in the video production department, as it celebrates the 100th anniversary of The Best of Pittsburgh.

The premiere of The Most Important People in the Universe airs Saturday, Sept. 18 at 7 p.m.

ET on MTV.

It is a special celebration of the city and its history that takes us inside the studios, on set, on the street, and beyond.

“The Best in Pitts” celebrates the city’s contributions to filmmaking, film, and entertainment through the years, from film pioneer Peter Bogdanovich to filmmaker Joe Rosenthal to composer, arranger, and sound designer Jack Bruce, to a full slate of composers and actors, and to a series of iconic Pittsburgh performers including Jim Henson, Bill Pullman, Joe Pesci, Bill Hader, and more.

The film is produced by MTV and features appearances by John Stamos, Mike Myers, and James Franco.

It stars Michael Douglas, Kate McKinnon, James Marsden, and John Krasinski.

“Pitts” premieres on MTV this Saturday, Oct. 2 at 8 p.s.m., ET on the channel.

For more on the premiere, read the film’s press release.