What you need to know about the film that’s bringing Hollywood to Vancouver’s downtown core

Vancouver, British Columbia — With its lush lawns and vibrant streets, the Canadian capital has been dubbed “Canada’s most livable city.”

But, with a population of less than 2 million people, Vancouver has been the subject of a dramatic rise in crime, and police have been increasingly targeting the downtown area, which has seen an influx of high-end buyers.

On Thursday, a new documentary film called “Beauty Product Video” premiered at the Vancouver Film Festival, and the film’s stars are all well known faces in the movie business.

But what exactly is the film?

And why should you care?

The film is a drama about two women who fall in love and end up working together.

The story begins in a parking lot in the downtown core, where one of the women, a beauty product director, falls in love with the other.

She asks her husband to help her shoot her new documentary, and they soon move to the heart of Vancouver’s inner-city.

The two women fall in for a whirlwind romance, but the film doesn’t quite get to the core of the love story.

It’s a story about two people struggling with a love story, and there is a lot of tension, especially between the two women.

It was originally directed by the late Michael Apted, but has been adapted into a feature film by filmmaker, director and actor Mark Harris, and stars Amber Vassilakis and Nicole Taylor-Bennett.

The film also stars former CBC Vancouver host of the program “The Current” Julie Cagle.

The film has been praised by critics and critics alike, including Variety, where it was described as “one of the best filmic productions we’ve seen this year.”

It has also been nominated for best short documentary at the Sundance Film Festival and has been nominated in the Best Documentary category at the Toronto International Film Festival.

The director, Mark Harris says the film is “a celebration of what Vancouver has become.”

The film, Harris said, is not only a film about a relationship between two women, but also a celebration of Vancouver and the people who live there.

“We’re creating something new.

And that’s what’s going to give Vancouver its own identity, its own brand,” he said.

The filmmakers want to bring Vancouver to life by highlighting the city’s diverse neighbourhoods, arts, businesses, and culture.

“Vancouver has a rich history of filmmakers who’ve done great films about the city,” Harris said.

“They all work in different areas of Vancouver, but we’re really looking to showcase the diversity of the city, because we believe that’s one of its greatest strengths.”

The filmmakers have also worked with some of Vancouvers most talented filmmakers, including filmmaker Mark Ritchie, and filmmaker Peter Zaretsky, who is also working on a feature documentary about the downtown development boom.

“They have the ability to really push Vancouver forward,” Harris explained.

“It’s really been a really positive experience.”