BC’s B.C. film industry says it can’t survive without online videos

The B.c. film and video industry says the online video business it was hoping to compete with is not only still around but growing at a faster rate than it ever has.

In a release Thursday, the B.ca.

Film Industry Council said online video revenue has grown from $17 million in 2014 to $24.6 million in 2016.

“The digital business is still a significant part of our industry and we are still making films online, but we are also making films on our film locations,” said Gary Balfour, vice president of the industry council.

“It’s very difficult to do that with a lot of our films coming out and our distributors still having to get permits to do a digital release.

That’s the challenge.”

Balfours council has been in discussions with industry stakeholders about how to better align the two sectors, including the possibility of merging them.

The BCAFIC was formed last year to oversee the online film and television industries, including online video production.

It’s also a leader in the online advertising business, which it has taken advantage of to expand its reach to a global audience.

The industry’s biggest challenges come from the lack of a clear definition of what a movie is, said Greg Johnson, a professor at the University of British Columbia.

That leaves filmmakers and distributors with no clear idea of what constitutes a good film.

“A lot of times it’s not that easy to tell people what a film is,” Johnson said.

“But if you can identify it, then you can make sure you get to a point where the money that you’re making will be invested in creating that film.”

B.CAFICA’S HOPE FOR THE future While online video is now making up the majority of the film and TV business, it still represents only a small percentage of the overall industry.

In 2016, the industry accounted for only 7 per cent of the total revenue, according to BCAI’s annual report.

B.canada, meanwhile, said it is looking for ways to continue to expand and help ensure that future growth in the film business is sustainable.

“As we grow in the future, we’re looking to add to our portfolio of content offerings, which will help us meet our evolving digital delivery needs,” the release said.

BCAII is asking the government to establish a film industry council to work on a strategy to make sure that future investments in digital content will continue to benefit the industry.

“There are some very important challenges that are ahead of us,” said Johnson.

“We want to be in a position to continue making films.”

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