How to buy the new Fox News channel: Fox News’s new TV and radio channels coming soon, but here’s how you can get started without spending a dime

Fox News Channel is now available for streaming on the Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast, and Chromecast Ultra devices.

The new channel will be available in the U.S. starting July 4th.

Fox News’ flagship show, The Five, is also being updated, with new segments and guests.

This new channel comes with a $29.99 monthly fee, and you’ll need to be subscribed to Fox News to watch it.

The channel is available on the following devices: Roku: Roku Streaming Stick ($59.99) Roku Streaming TV ($59) Roku Stick ($39.99, no contract) Chromecast: Chromecast TV Stick (no contract) Google Chromecasting TV (no trial required) Roku Channel app on Amazon Fire, Google Chrome, and Amazon Fire OS devices (Requires a Chromecast)Apple TV: Apple TV Streaming Stick (Free) Amazon FireTV: Amazon Fire Stick (free) Google Chrome: Chromecast TV (Free for Chromecast users)Chromecast Ultra: Chromacast TV Stick and Chromecasts (Free if you have an Amazon Fire device)Google Chromecast Android TV: Google Chromcast TV (free for Android TV users)Amazon Fire: Amazon Echo TV (FREE)Apple iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch: Apple iPad (FREE with Apple TV software)Google Play Music: Google Play Music (free with Google Play services)Google Home: Google Home (free without a Google account)Amazon Alexa: Amazon Alexa (free if you want)Google Assistant: Google Assistant (free app, no data)Amazon Echo: Amazon Home (Free with Amazon Home software)For more information on how to watch Fox News on the internet, check out our guide to finding Fox News online.