Why is this video so bad?

I’ve been playing this video for the past month, and I think it’s really bad.

This video is like it’s a shitty version of a classic video game.

The music is so over-produced and there’s so little interaction between characters, the entire point of this video is to have fun.

The only time the game actually makes sense is during the credits, when the game’s story actually kicks into high gear.

The ending is just so predictable, and the ending theme is just completely generic.

It’s also just a very unoriginal video.

If you watch this video, you might also want to watch this.

If this video were made by a studio, you would be getting the same kind of experience.

You’d get an hour of a completely different kind of music, the same sort of story, and it would probably look like a shitty video, too.

It wouldn’t be that good.